Need an extra pair of eyes for your masterpiece or help with content creation? Let us provide the quality proofing & wordsmithing you seek.

Welcome to Putt Putt Productions, where we like doing what we do best: proofreading, copy editing, developmental editing, and writing.

what we offer

Developmental and copy editing, proofreading and document clean up of books, scripts, dissertations, technical manuals, articles, proposals, personal essays, bios and cover letters. Writing & Original Content.


EVERYTHING should be checked before it goes somewhere — from company reports to family newsletters to dissertations, resumes and cover letters. Sometimes, proofreading even means comparing figures to make sure those figures were correctly entered. We can help you with that.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is more extensive.  It means checking for awkward sentences, continuity, logic, and whether or not it all makes sense, occasionally revising sentences, as well as looking for “stacks” (when words or marks line up weirdly on the page) and other distractions. Copy editing adds clarity while keeping the voice and intent of the writer.

Developmental Editing

Your masterpiece is finally some form of finished, but you're not sure it works. You want an editor to go through, not just for grammar or punctuation, but also to make sure the story flows, the characters are complete, the chapters and scenes work in the order they are written in, and that there's enough tension to keep the reader turning the page.

Writing & Original Content

Reviews of movies and books; profiles of people or products, human interest stories, how-to and informative articles, lifestyle and cultural pieces, essays and narrative commentary, and sponsored content are all in our wheelhouse.

Technical Document Cleanup & Editing

Rewriting and/or reformatting technical documentation, checking for errors, moving from one type of document to another (PDF to Word or Excel for example).

why choose us


Formed in 2000, Putt Putt Productions brings together more than 30 years of proofreading, writing, and detail checking experience to work for you, with an extensive background in writing, proofreading, copy editing, developmental editing and content creation.


We are experienced in and dedicated to the craft of writing, proofreading, and editing. Bringing a tradition of care and attention to detail to each client’s project.


We offer excellent services at reasonable prices and believe in transparent pricing. Clear discussions at the start of each project means no hidden charges.


In the age of automation, spell check and out-sourcing, there is still no substitute for a human reader to find and correct what your reader will ultimately see.

How it works

Booking any of our services is super easy with this four step procedure


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We'll contact you at your convenience.


We'll put our heads together with you to assess your needs.

some of our work

Projects range from self-help to romance to historical to science fiction and fantasy, both children’s and adult literature. Below are some of those titles.


Deception   Norman Bogner

New York Times Bestselling Author Norman Bogner (titled “Sandcastles” in its early stages.) is a thriller that begins in New York, but the heroine travels the world in this tale about adventure, love, and danger.


Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X .   Fred Beddor

Author of “The Looking Glass Wars” and Adrienne Kress. Thrilled to proofread this graphic novel on the adventures of the Mad Hatter as a boy at school before he became Queen Alice’s bodyguard.


Bella of  Madison Park Leslie Stark

Proofread the copy for this delightful illustrated story about an adventurous dog.

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