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After the Predays  Gil Roscoe

Proofread the copy for this post-apocalyptic tale set in Southern California.



How to Keep Your Child Out of Special Ed  Ann Core Greenberg, Ph.D.

Proofread this self-help book for parents looking for education options for children.



Mother Holle’s Fairy Tale  Miro Pokorny

This is an illustrated Eastern European folk tale that I had the chance to proofread in its early stages.



Portholes, etc.  Wendy Elliott Hyland

Proofread this memoir about the author’s trip back home to Australia aboard a cargo ship.



Dancing Upon the Shore: A Novel  Scott Gallagher

Proofread this “fictoir” that was part fiction romance and part memoir.



Guitars and Gardenias: A Country Western Love Story Thriller            Sierra Ann Hill

Proofread this love story thriller about a woman with a life-threatening condition who finally meets the man of her dreams.


Proofreading, Copy Editing & Formatting

Not Forever Friendships  Diana Konwin

Proofread, copy edited and formatted this memoir on friendship for publication this memoir on friendships gained and lost.



Darklaw  Teresa Wymore

Proofread this fantasy.



The President and Antoinette De La Zur with Other Stories  Geraldine Harris

Proofread this collection of short stories.

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