What to expect

Getting Started:


When you’re ready, contact us for an estimate.


For proofreading and writing, we can send you a checklist of questions to guide you.


Proofreading: EVERYTHING needs to be checked before it goes somewhere. Company reports, dissertations, resumes and cover letters even family newsletters deserve to be proofed. Proofreading also includes comparing figures to make sure those figures were correctly entered. We can proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and missed or wrong words.  Standard rate $30/hour


Copy editing: Copy editing is a deeper type of proofreading.  For copy editing we look for awkward sentences, continuity, logic, and whether it all makes sense. It also can include revising sentences, looking for “stacks” (when words or marks line up weirdly on the page) and other distractions. Copy editing adds clarity while keeping the voice and intent of the writer. Standard rate $35/hour


For both standard proofreading and copy editing, we will go through the document, marking it up (either hard copy with red pen or using MS Word’s Track Changes feature) and then write a report. A manuscript of about 100,000 words could take about 15 to 25 hours depending on the state of the copy.


Do you want straight proofreading, copy editing, or developmental editing?


Developmental Editing: You’ve finally finished your masterpiece, but you are uncertain if it works. You want an editor to go through not just for grammar or punctuation, but to make sure the story flows, the characters are complete, the chapters and scenes work in the order they are written in, and that there’s enough tension to keep the reader turning the page before you send it off into the world.


When we do a developmental edit, we go through the manuscript three times. Finding the usual misspellings, grammatical errors, awkward sentences, with and eye towards  the flow of the story as well.  We will make notes and edits on each pass and then send a report of not just the proofreading and copy editing errors found, but also thoughts and suggestions on the story.  For this type of edit it is helpful to have a prepared list of specific things you would like us to look for, as well as provide a synopsis of the work and a list of characters.


Original content:

We will need to know some of the parameters to guide our estimate.

• How many words do you need?

• What is the topic?

• Do you also need it to adhere to a specific formatting style? (APA, MLA, AP, Chicago, etc)

What is your time frame?


Other services:

Information transfer from one type of document to another

Technical document proofing


If you have a project that you aren’t certain is covered by the above parameters, contact us.  We can give you a quote or a referral.


Can work with MS Word's Track Changes feature, hard copy, or proof copies, or variation thereof, just let us know your preference.




Only completed book/novel manuscripts, please. No partials, no exceptions.


Dissertations. As dissertations are usually completed a section at a time, we will accept partials.  Please be certain your advisor has gone over each section prior to sending it out to a proofreader.


Payment of 50% is expected at time of order (after work has been viewed  and estimate has been accepted) through PayPal, Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Final payment is due upon completion.


A good proofreader/copy editor/editor is capable of catching 99% of what needs to be corrected, but ultimately, you will need to be responsible for your own work. This is your masterpiece, and we encourage you to go through it yourself after proofing.


Contracts, non-disclosure, and confidentiality agreements are acceptable within reason.


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